June 15, 2017

This issue:

— Top 3 New Restaurants of the Month: A modern day luncheonette with an old school lunch counter vibe, a hip dumpling haven and a smart pasta outpost where most dishes are $15 or less.
— 8 Top Places to Eat Oklahoma City: Whether a Japanese small plates treasure or an unexpectedly good (for central landlocked territory) seafood restaurant, you now have choices in OKC.
— 8 Top Bars Now in Oklahoma City: From a roadhouse with a killer music playlist to a rooftop cocktail haven, OKC is on the rise. Read more →

Top SF Openings — May 2017

The notable restaurant openings of May were City Counter, Tahini, Chris Cosentino’s Acacia House in Napa, A Mano, Miller’s Rest, Dumpling Time, Le Marais Bakery’s second location in the Castro, The Catamount in Los Gatos, The Castro Fountain (the second location from Ice Cream Bar owner), Reem’s in Oakland. I have yet to make it to Reem’s (soon), Acacia House or The… Read more →

OKC On the Rise: 8 Top Bars Now

Digging into the food scene in the city of my birth, Oklahoma City (article here), I now share my top OKC bars in a scene that keeps getting better each year. While you won’t find cutting edge cocktails/bars in this city, a couple of these spots (WKSY Lounge and O Bar) are competitive with great bars nationally, one (Power House) combines… Read more →

June 1, 2017

This Issue:

— Top 11 National Cocktails of the Month: From Tulsa to Vancouver, here are 11 cocktails worth drinking around North America now.
— Where to Eat & Drink (& More) in Monterey: From my top (rooftop) spa to a haunted restaurant in an 1833 adobe house, my Thrillist feature on 11 non-touristy things to do in Monterey.
— 11 Top National Vodka Cocktails: Vodka can be a tough one for us spirits geeks. These bars/bartenders nailed it. Read more →

11 Top Cocktails Around the US Now — June Edition

Covering the 11 hottest cocktails of the month around the US at Liquor.com, you’ll find my bar and drink recommends this month at these bars/restaurants (click on each for the featured cocktail): The Commissary, San Francisco Slowly Shirley, New York City L’Abbatoir, Vancouver, B.C. Curadero, San Diego WSKY Lounge, Oklahoma City Maven, San Francisco Valkyrie, Tulsa Nick’s Cove, Marshall, CA… Read more →

11 Top Vodka Cocktails Around the US Now

Vodka is a tough one — a favorite of those who “don’t like the taste of liquor” and oft-maligned by spirits geeks, in the right bartender hands, vodka cocktails can still be standouts on a given menu. Here are 11 around the country that impressed me lately from my regular Liquor.com articles: Coin-Op Game Room, San Francisco O Bar, Oklahoma… Read more →

May 15, 2017

This issue:

The Latest — Top Bay Area Openings: Talking Japanese beer and small plates and about an Irish pub and gathering place in Oakland. Here’s what standing out from the new openings of April.
Imbiber — 11 Top Tequila Cocktails Around the US Now
Wandering Traveler — West Maui: Hotels to coffee, shave ice to affordable food outside the resorts, here are 10 of my West Maui recommendations from my recent return. Read more →

Top SF Openings — April 2017

The notable restaurant openings of April were Hitachino Beer & Wagyu (soft opening in March, officially open in April), Mestiza Taqueria (at the end of March), Black Jet Baking Company and Kagawa-Ya Udon Noodle Co. in SF. Kagawa-Ya is fun, fast-casual Sanuki-style udon (from Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, an area known for having hundreds of udon houses with a distinctive square shape… Read more →