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Whiskyfest 2014, 4 Cocktail Menus, Cocktails from Oakland to Healdsburg – and at the New 49ers Stadium

From my numerous articles a week as Zagat Editor, I summarize and link to some of this coverage here – you can follow along on Twitter @ZagatSF, where I post daily, or on my own @ThePerfectSpot via Twitter or Facebook. Whisk(e)y Seminars not to miss and legendary whisk(e)y figures at this year’s WHISKYFEST on October 3 Cocktails 2 new OAKLAND… Read more →

Talking Sustainable Seafood with Peru’s GASTON ACURIO

There’s not enough knowledge around sustainable fish… just ask anyone who knows anything about it. The majority of Americans eat whatever is on a menu with little to regard to where it’s sourced, its health properties (or lack thereof), unaware if the creature they are eating is endangered. I was privileged to attend a recent intimate round-table discussion with Peru’s… Read more →

Jewish Deli to Russian Home Cooking

Top Tastes is not a list of all-time favorites, rather it’s about the best tastes of the last two weeks (since my last newsletter), often from new openings. With visiting friends and some down time, I’ve been frequenting stand-bys like Flying Fish Grill (in Half Moon Bay), the house, Woodhouse Fish Co., Fat Angel, Tacolicious, Giovanni’s Pizza at Club Deluxe… Read more →