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Hayes Valley Rising

Hayes Valley has gone through multiple rebirths, from its pre-’89 quake days under the shadow of freeway ramps, to its age as shoe and boutique shopping destination. The addition of Patricia’s Green in recent years brought a communal gathering place to the neighborhood, tying together north and south of Hayes Street in a cohesive strip of green. For years, Hayes… Read more →

Outer Richmond, Part Two

Here’s a link to Outer Richmond, Part One. Now let’s hit more of my favorites in the wealth of cheap, tasty Outer Richmond food: BRUNCH Cliff House Bistro: This one isn’t cheap and the location is notoriously touristy as it is historical, perched on the edge of the sea. But since the remodel a couple years ago, when faced with the need… Read more →

Outer Richmond, Part One

You’re out in the ‘wilds’ of the Richmond, near the ocean or the Presidio, in the middle of housing grids where restaurants are infrequent and predominantly Asian. But there’s way more to the Outer Richmond than its fabulous array of authentic, cheap Asian food. Like just about every neighborhood in the city, Outer Richmond holds treasures aplenty, varied and affordable… Read more →

Unsung Portola

When I mention Portola as an SF neighborhood, most locals look confused. Like me, you probably don’t spend a lot of time eating south of Bernal Heights. But I’ve kept quiet for too long about two gems full of dingy charm on San Bruno Avenue. In the midst of Asian food hole-in-the-walls, fast food joints, banks and ethnic markets, lies… Read more →