Intro Letter

Spectacular Kyoto

May 15, 2015

– My Top 5 Cocktails of the Month in SF
– Edible Kyoto: Exploring the canals, temples, gardens, markets, coffee, restaurants and cafes of this magical Japanese city.
– Drinking in Kyoto: Cocktails, sake and spirits, including a couple of the most memorable bar experiences in the world. Read more →

Vegan soups in Mendocino

May 1, 2015

This issue:

– My Top 5 Dishes & New Openings of April.
– Weekending in Mendocino: Anderson Valley wines, coastal organic fish, vegan ice cream and more.
– 3 New Spirits of the Month: Talking Colombian and Minnesota gin and 3 unique rye whiskies aged in wine casks. Read more →

Belcampo 4-Virginia Miller

March 15, 2015

This issue:

– My Top 8 Cocktails of the Month.
– New Middle Eastern Destination: Yes, this just might be a draw to South San Francisco — and it has the biggest arak collection around.
– Bone Broth Cocktails? Belcampo SF’s first (low proof) cocktail menu from Jon Gasparini & Greg Lindgren. Read more →

Beet & rose dessert at Mourad, one of the recent notable new restaurant openings

March 1, 2015

This issue:

My Top 7 February Dishes + 3 New Restaurants.
4 New Spirits: Talking Irish whiskey experiments, rare scotch & green chile vodka.
Beer: Top 5 beers from SF Beer Week Opening Gala + tasting through The Bruery Rarities.
Top 5 February Wines: From Lambrusco to Galician red wine. Read more →

Trick Dog's No. 6

February 15, 2015

This issue:
Imbiber – My Top 10 Cocktails of the Year Thus Far.
Wandering Traveler – Oklahoma City: Back in my birth city of OKC, checking out new eats & drink, from steak & po boys to Hot Browns & German delis.
Imbiber – Coffee Newcomer: A new downtown cafe for coffee geeks — with good food. Read more →


February 1, 2015

This issue:
– Top Tastes – My Top 7 Dishes & New Openings for January: My 2 most notable new restaurant openings of January; out of dozens of dishes, the 7 best dishes of the month.
– Wandering Traveler – The Best of OC: My girlhood stomping grounds of Orange County have generally been a suburban, culinary wasteland but there are more signs of life with each passing year: a few in food, cocktails & coffee.
– Imbiber – Top Spirits, Wine & Beer in January: 3 wine standouts, a spirits standout and a mead (honey wine). Read more →


January 15, 2015

This issue:

  • Top Tastes – My Food Articles, January 1-15: 12 of my current Zagat articles on the year in dining & drink, including new restaurants, under-the-radar spots and Wine Country travel.
  • Wandering Traveler – Los Angeles: The best in restaurants, cheap eats and coffee from latest travels in LA.
  • Imbiber – Tequila Time: Talking anjeo (aged) tequila with 1 new anejo and 2 new extra anejo releases.

Read more →


January 1, 2015

- The Best of 2014, Restaurants – The best new Bay Area openings and the best meals around the US and the world.
– The Best of 2014, Drink – The best new Bay Area bar openings and the best cocktails & bars around the US and the world.
– Top Tastes – My Food Articles, December 16-31: 17 of my current Zagat articles on the year-in-review, 6 new restaurants, under-the-radar spots and Wine Country newcomers.
– Imbiber – My Drink Articles, December 16-31: 9 of my current Zagat articles on multiple new cocktail menus at restaurants, a new bottle shop & the year’s top new bars.
– Imbiber – 3 Spirits for December: Vermouth from Washington, rum from Monterey and Scotch from, of course, Scotland. Read more →