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September 15, 2017

This Issue:
— Top Bourbon Cocktails Around the US: Bourbon creativity from Portland to Chicago.
— Low Proof Bars… That Aren’t About Cocktails: These four greats shine with sherry, vermouth, natural and rancio wines.
— What Is BevCon?: Your next cocktail-spirits-wine-beer industry conference should be this one in Charleston.
— Top Rum Cocktails Around the US: From OKC to SF, it’s rum time with these 11 creative beauties. Read more →

September 1, 2017

This Issue:
— Top Openings of July: These two standouts go from hip omakase to “real deal” Spanish Catalan cuisine.
— Top National Cocktails of the Month: From SF to Louisville, Oregon to Oklahoma, North Carolina to Chicago, here are 11 standout drinks/bars now.
— D.C.’s Top 10 Bars: Where to drink in D.C. + my interviews with Don Ciccio & Figli amaro distillery founder, Francesco Amodeo, and Jack Rose Rose Dining Saloon owner, Bill Thomas. Read more →

August 15, 2017

This Issue:

— Top 7 Dishes of the Month: Whether Albuquerque or SF, tikka masala mac n’cheese or proper BBQ ribs, here are the dishes that wowed most in July.
— Culinary Chicago: My first Alaska Airlines’ article is on the great city of Chicago, its current standouts in food, hotels and the arts (theater to music).
— Time Out Magazine: The the first SF print issue of Time Out Magazine — and yours truly is writing the food & drink sections. Check out 6 articles, including features on high-end soft serve at SF restaurants, an urban wine crawl in Oakland’s Jack London Square, interviews with chef Preeti Mistry and the owners of sour beer haven the Rare Barrel — plus my TO reviews on the new restaurant and bar openings worth visiting.
— Where to Eat & Drink in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Top 12 bites, restaurants, stands and drinks.
— A Unique Resort Experience in Mexico: In Puerto Vallarta, a major resort innovates with a house tequila program. Read more →

August 1, 2017

This Issue:
— Top 3 Openings of the Month: Modern Eastern European, pre-concert rotisserie and an all-day, New American restaurant even better than its original location.
— Top 7 Dishes of the Month: Whether Russian food in Portland or Taiwanese food in Louisville, Indian to Low Country-influenced cuisine in SF, here are the dishes that wowed.
— 11 Top National Cocktails of the Month: Creative cocktail standouts at top bars/restaurants from SF to Tulsa, Vancouver to Baltimore.
— Where to Eat & Drink on Magical Prince Edward Island, Canada Read more →

July 15, 2017

This Issue
— Top 11 National Cocktails of the Month: From Denver to Houston, Tulsa to San Francisco, here are 11 top drinks on menus now.
— Top 10 Baltimore Bars: Plus an interview with two local greats, a Maryland distiller and Baltimore bar manager.
— Tulsa Time: 5 Top Places to Eat
— Top 7 Places to Drink Cocktails, Beer & Coffee in Tulsa Read more →

June 15, 2017

This issue:

— Top 3 New Restaurants of the Month: A modern day luncheonette with an old school lunch counter vibe, a hip dumpling haven and a smart pasta outpost where most dishes are $15 or less.
— 8 Top Places to Eat Oklahoma City: Whether a Japanese small plates treasure or an unexpectedly good (for central landlocked territory) seafood restaurant, you now have choices in OKC.
— 8 Top Bars Now in Oklahoma City: From a roadhouse with a killer music playlist to a rooftop cocktail haven, OKC is on the rise. Read more →

June 1, 2017

This Issue:

— Top 11 National Cocktails of the Month: From Tulsa to Vancouver, here are 11 cocktails worth drinking around North America now.
— Where to Eat & Drink (& More) in Monterey: From my top (rooftop) spa to a haunted restaurant in an 1833 adobe house, my Thrillist feature on 11 non-touristy things to do in Monterey.
— 11 Top National Vodka Cocktails: Vodka can be a tough one for us spirits geeks. These bars/bartenders nailed it. Read more →

May 15, 2017

This issue:

The Latest — Top Bay Area Openings: Talking Japanese beer and small plates and about an Irish pub and gathering place in Oakland. Here’s what standing out from the new openings of April.
Imbiber — 11 Top Tequila Cocktails Around the US Now
Wandering Traveler — West Maui: Hotels to coffee, shave ice to affordable food outside the resorts, here are 10 of my West Maui recommendations from my recent return. Read more →

May 1, 2017

This issue:

— Top 11 National Cocktails of the Month: From Oklahoma City to Kansas City, Napa to SF, here is what’s standing out at bars nationwide now.
— Memphis Love: Don’t worry, I talk BBQ. But I also have a few other key favorites to share with you in this special Southern city alive with music and ‘que.
— Hotel of the Month: One of the most restorative, restful towns, settings and resorts in the world is found on the remote side of Maui.
— Where to Eat in Hana, Maui: On this removed side of Maui, it’s mostly about food trucks — but also a chocolate plantation and an organic farm growing fruits you’ve never heard of. Read more →

April 15, 2017

This issue:

— Top 3 New Restaurants of the Month: Maybe the most exciting and ambitious Chinese restaurant/bar/market concept… ever. A cocktail bar with killer food. Affordable Cuban food.
— Why Oxford, Mississippi, Is a Food & Literature Lovers’ Town
— Top 5 Whiskies from Whiskies of the World 2017: Another year of hundreds of whiskies from around the globe on a sternwheeler in the Bay, with standouts from India to Scotland, US to Japan.
— Hotel of the Month: Four Seasons Silicon Valley looks like a corporate office building, but here’s why it’s special, from a new cafe and remodel to impeccable pastas and s’mores by the pool. Read more →