Intro Letter

At Oakland's brand new Calavera

August 15, 2015

This issue:
– Top 7 Cocktails of the Month: From agave and mezcal delights to mushroom-infused sippers, the 7 most interesting cocktails now.
– The Latest: Denver Edition – Talking new restaurants, food halls, cocktails and coffee in Denver. Read more →

Firefly's fava pea pancakes

August 1, 2015

– Top 10 Dishes of the Month: Omakase sushi menus to transport you to Japan, Filipino and Scandinavian food, and more.
– 24 Hours in LA: Seafood delights in Manhattan Beach & cocktail-ing in West Hollywood.
– Cheap Eats & Sushi Treasures in OC: 6 food gems in North OC. Read more →


July 15, 2015

—Top 11 Cocktails of the Month: From SF to the East Bay, 11 summer standouts.
—Exploring Tsukiji Fish Market with a Sushi Chef: Visiting the famed fish market with sushi chef Ken Tominaga — a photo journey.
—Visiting Suntory Yamazaki Distillery in Japan: The distillery that started it all.
—S. Pellegrino Presents The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle: Spain’s famed Mugaritz chef cooks at SF’s Coi for one night, along with 37 chefs doing a similar restaurant swap around the world. Read more →

Lord Stanley's beef tartare (see Top Tastes)

July 1, 2015

This issue:

– Top 10 Dishes & Openings of the Month: Look for a new red sauce haven, red beet naan, lobster fricassee and a new hidden Japanese/sushi meal to rival the best in Japan.
– Top 6 Tokyo Meals: In one of the world’s best food cities, here just a few of the unreal glories (and 3 of the best meals of my life).
– Tofino Wines: The new wine bar/shop (with great bites and sherry selection) to make me rethink wine bars.
– Aspen Food & Wine Classic: Highlights from food to wine, parties and seminars to new products. Read more →

Caviar goodness at Amber in Hong Kong

June 15, 2015

– Top 8 Cocktails of the Month: Sippable goodness, from garden-fresh rhubarb and celery to beer Negronis served in growlers.
– Top 10 Hong Kong Meals: Edible thrills in Hong Kong, from Michelin-starred dim sum to some of the best Spanish tapas and Japanese yakitori in the world.
– Hong Kong’s Thriving Coffee Scene: There is a wealth of vibrant coffee offerings in HK. Read more →

Boozy doughnuts (see Top Tastes)

June 1, 2015

This issue:

– My Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of May: From ancient Roman pinsa to Belgian/German food, impeccable seafood to boozy doughnuts, here are some of the best bites and openings now.
– 5 New Take-Out Options: Talking Korean, Dim Sum, Burmese, rotisserie and Vietnamese take-out newcomers.
– Top 10 Spring Wines: From Italy to France, California to Austria, my top 10 wines tasted this Spring. Read more →

Spectacular Kyoto

May 15, 2015

– My Top 5 Cocktails of the Month in SF
– Edible Kyoto: Exploring the canals, temples, gardens, markets, coffee, restaurants and cafes of this magical Japanese city.
– Drinking in Kyoto: Cocktails, sake and spirits, including a couple of the most memorable bar experiences in the world. Read more →

Vegan soups in Mendocino

May 1, 2015

This issue:

– My Top 5 Dishes & New Openings of April.
– Weekending in Mendocino: Anderson Valley wines, coastal organic fish, vegan ice cream and more.
– 3 New Spirits of the Month: Talking Colombian and Minnesota gin and 3 unique rye whiskies aged in wine casks. Read more →