Intro Letter

Grant Achatz sabering a bottle to celebrate with a small group of us in the basement of his new restaurant Roister at 2am, post JBF Awards

May 1, 2016

— 6 New Chefs Reinvigorating Bay Area Restaurants: 6 restaurants worth revisiting with fresh menus and new chefs.
— April Openings: From upscale Chinese-SF cuisine to lush burgers — and on to two stellar new cocktail havens — which new openings are worth visiting… and why.
— March Openings: Exquisite nigiri tasting menus and Indian street food paired with wine — my top two openings of the month. Read more →

Rich Table's fried chicken

April 15, 2016

This issue:

— Top 5 Bay Area Dishes: From fried chicken madeleines to spam musubi lettuce wraps, my top dishes now.
— Weekending on the Russian River in Guerneville
— Inside Michael Mina’s Revolving Kitchen: My latest feature & interviews at Food Republic. Read more →

Under the starry "skies" at brand new Pagan Idol

April 1, 2016

— Top 7 Cocktails of the Month: From a magical new Tiki bar to Indian-inspired cocktails — what is worth drinking now.
— 5 New Spirits: Tasting Polugar (“Russian bread wine”), pisco, cachaca, Irish whiskey and rum.
— My Top 3 Whiskies at Whiskies of the World 2016: From Scotch to whiskey blended and finished in Berkeley. Read more →

Capo's artichoke dip

March 15, 2016

This issue:

— 10 New February Openings: Which ones are most worth visiting… and why.
— Top 5 Bay Area Dishes, February Edition: Outside of new openings, here are the dishes wowing, from SF to Oakland.
— RN74 Revived: Why RN74’s new chef is breathing life into the longtime wine destination. Read more →

Sushi platter/omakase for 2 at Imanas Tei

March 1, 2016

— 10 New January Openings: Which ones are most worth visiting… and why (from New Haven pizza to a fantastic new Japanese izakaya).
— Hidden Gems: Bird Dog is (finally) a mid-range destination restaurant in Palo Alto.
— Eating & Drinking in Honolulu: Best bites, restaurants, cocktails, coffee, ice cream, chocolate and more in Honolulu now.
— Eating & Drinking Around Kauai: Best bites, restaurants, coffee, juice, cocktails and more on the north and south shores of Kauai. Read more →

Romantic Charleston (here: the famed Husk restaurant)

February 15, 2016

— My Top 8 Cocktails of the Month: From a New Orleans welcome in Los Gatos to Foreign Cinema’s standout new cocktails, here are the top drinks I’ve tasted around the Bay Area this month.
— An Artful Charleston Experience: Where to sleep, eat and drink in one of the most romantic cities in the country.
— 9 Winter Whiskies Worth Drinking: Whether ancestral corn whiskey from Oaxaca (yes, Mexican whiskey!) or Minnesota rye, here are 9 new whisk(e)y releases worth seeking out. Read more →

A fantastic chocolate citrus dessert at Stedsans Copenhagen dinner held at Cookhouse SF

February 1, 2016

— Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of January 2016: Whether 100-layer lasagna or 1800’s-style lobster thermidor, here are 10 standout dishes on menus now.
— The 10 Hottest Restaurants in Hawaii: My feature on 10 notable restaurants now in Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.
— The 10 Hottest Restaurants in Napa: My feature on 10 notable restaurants in Napa County now. Read more →

Staying at Courvoisier's historic château

January 15, 2016

This issue:

— The Best of 2015 in Restaurants, Drink, Hotels & Travel: My picks at Food Republic covering the US & internationally.
— Top 10 Cocktails of the Month: From Joe Pesci-themed cocktails to a margarita without tequila, here are the top drinks on menus around the Bay Area this month.
— Welcome to Paradise in Cognac, France: My Tasting Panel article on how key Cognac houses differentiate their brandies and other facts learned during my adventures in Cognac. Read more →

Even better than Hawaii: off-menu house spam and rice at Liholiho Yacht Club

January 1, 2016

This Issue:
— 10 Most Important Bay Area Restaurant Openings of 2015: My top 10 of the year – and key honorable mentions.
— 8 NYC Newcomers: Cheap eats (sausages, grilled cheese, bakery, Japanese) to dining (New Zealand, upscale Mexican, Acadian, Roman-Italian) highlights around Manhattan. Read more →

The Up & Up in NYC

December 15, 2015

This issue:

— Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of December: Whether herring interpretations that journey across Scandinavia or mom’s coconut mochi, here are 10 standout dishes on menus now.
– Top 10 Cocktails of the Month: From a hot toddy influenced by Thai soup to pork fat-infused mezcal and Cynar, here’s the top drinks on SF menus now.
– Where to Drink in NYC: 10 bar greats & best openings of 2015. Read more →