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April 15, 2018

This issue:
— Top New Restaurant Openings of the Month: Best new SF restaurants include spots serving Nepalese/Indian, Italian, Cal-Med and Turkish food.
— 5 Top New American Bars: Destination-worthy newcomers in San Francisco, Austin, Nashville, Las Vegas and Santa Barbara.
— Top 11 Cocktails Around the Country Now: At bars/restaurants from SF to Vancouver, Nashville to New Orleans, the people and places making standout drinks.
— 11 Best New SF/Bay Area Bars, Spring Edition Read more →

April 1, 2018

This issue:
— 3 Upscale New Izakayas: Japanese bar food with a touch of elegance — and great cocktails or saké.
— 11 Top Whisk(e)y Cocktails Around the Country: Whether American or Irish whiskey, Scotch or Japanese whisky, these national bars are playing with them in unexpected ways.
— Southern Comfort in Unexpected Places: Southern influence pops-up at a few restaurants that may not have an overt Southern theme.
— What to Eat at Your New Italian Go-Tos: Pasta, pizza, amari and bocci newcomers from Berkeley to SF.
— Top 5 Whiskies at Whiskies of the World 2018 Read more →

March 15, 2018

This issue:
— Top 3 New Openings of the Month: Whether hip Jamaican, an elevated izakaya/cocktail bar or Spanish tapas, here are three new SF standouts.
— 11 Top Cocktails of the Month: Notable drinks on restaurant and bar menus from New Orleans to Portland.
— Visiting Napa Valley Off-Season: My Wine Access guide to hotels, restaurants, wine bars and wineries for a Napa excursion.
— 4 SF Bakeries With New Pastries Worth Gaining Weight For Read more →

March 1, 2018

This issue:
— 8 International Hotels Where You Can Eat & Drink Right
— Time Out Print Magazine: Interviewing a pioneering brewer, modern Indian cuisine master chef and one of our great bar managers. Articles on where to mushroom forage in the Bay Area and 13 top chic, sleek SF wine bars.
— Top 5 Dishes of the Month: Whether chestnut gnocchi or elevated chicken nuggets, these 5 dishes are worth heading out for. Read more →

February 15, 2018

This issue:
— 3 Top New Brunches in SF: Brunch in SF means a play on a New Jersey Taylor pork roll with a stunning view, or a Jenga-like tower of tator tots dotted with salmon and cream cheese.
— 11 Top National Cocktails of the Month: Eleven restaurants/bars serving the most interesting drinks now, from Detroit to Berkeley.
— Celebrate Chinese New Year at These 4 SF Greats
— Lost Spirits Distillery: A Disneyland-esque vibe (with rum and whiskey) and the only distillery ride in the world.
— Belcanto: My review on Lisbon’s temple to food and rare, aged white Portuguese wines. Read more →

February 1, 2018

— 6 Top Dishes of the Month: Whether a torta/hamburguesa combo or pitch-perfect donburi, these 6 dishes are inspiring cravings.
— Weekend-ing in Sebastopol: From ciders to wine, farms to restaurants, ideal day or weekend stops in the laid back Sonoma town.
— 10 Top Hot Cocktails Around the US Now: From Charleston to NYC, stay warm with these standout drinks on menus now. Read more →

January 15, 2018

This Issue:
— The Top 12 New Bay Area Restaurants of the Year
— The Top 12 New Bay Area Bars of the Year
— The Most Talked About Restaurant in America in 2017: LA’s Vespertine is certainly ambitious. But is it great? My review at WineAccess.
— 11 Top Cocktails Around the US Now: From New Orleans to LA, what’s standing out now at cocktail bars. Read more →

January 1, 2018

This Issue:
— Where to Eat Dungeness Crab Now: It’s crab season in the Bay Area and here are 5 creative dishes showcasing Dungeness now.
— 11 Top Cocktails Around the US, Holiday Edition: Menus/drinks worth tasting now now from Charleston to Las Vegas.
— Top 10 PDX Bars: My top Portland bars plus interviews with pioneering distiller Christian Krogstadt of House Spirits and bar manager Camille Cavan of Quaintrelle. Read more →

December 15, 2017

This issue:

— The Top 5 Dishes of the Month: From a caviar beef fat waffle to smoked brisket tator tots, five top Bay Area dishes to go out and try now.
— Eating & Drinking in Los Altos: Weekending in the Peninsula at a French-style boutique hotel.
— 11 Top Cocktails Around the US: What’s standing out now from Portland to NYC, SF to Houston. Read more →

December 1, 2017

This Issue:

— Top 3 Restaurant Openings of the Month: One of the best new fine dining restaurants in the country. A cocktail and live fire-driven restaurant. And a comforting Italian restaurant where you can bring a group of friends.
— Top 5 Dishes of the Month: From upscale Indian curry with lobster to truffle-laden chicken, five top dishes to usher in winter.
— 5 Hidden SF Bars: Relaxed respites from the holiday madness (with great drinks).
— Welcomed by the Willamette Valley: Exploring food, hotels, breweries, mead and cider producers around Oregon’s premier Wine Country. Read more →