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Chinatown’s Eight Tables — Chinese Fine Dining Like Nowhere In the Country

With more Michelin stars than New York City (a city with 10 times the population and nearly 7 times the size), San Francisco has been a giant and a pioneer in food and drink for decades, excelling in every sub-category beyond cities many times their size and jumpstarting farm-to-table, wine, craft beer and spirits movements literally decades ago. The city… Read more →

Southern Comfort in Unexpected Places

In my latest Time Out column, while SF has long had established Southern greats like Brenda’s, there are some restaurants that at first glance may not look Southern but exhibit Southern soul from dish to drink. — With a new chef, Tommy Halvorson, and a remodel, plus Nashville hot chicken and key lime pudding: Serpentine, Dogpatch — Dr. Pepper-braised short ribs… Read more →

What to Eat at Your New Italian Go-Tos

In my latest Time Out column … There is a newer round of Italian openings in Berkeley and North Beach you may have missed… but you shouldn’t. Here is where you’ll find the latest in Bay Area Italian and our recommends for what to order (article here): — Amaro cocktails, amaro desserts, pizza & bocce in a massive Berkeley space: Gio’s… Read more →

6 Top Dishes of the Month

In my latest Time Out column, here are my top 6 dishes to try this month at restaurants now (article here): — Mosto’s Tortaguesa — Kaisen Don’s Donburi — International Smoke’s Pork Ribs — The Snug’s Sesame Naan with Shiitake Hummus — ROOH’s Tuna Bhel — Me & Tasty’s Thai-style Shrimp & Grits Read more →