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Hillbilly Po Boys in OKC

OKC: Of Steak & Po Boys, Cocktails & Pizza, Hot Browns & German Delis

While OKC is not a dining destination, each year I find a few more signs of promise, even if many look better on “paper” — their menus — than they are in execution. Here’s the latest, from high to low points, from my recent holiday visit to see my parents and extensive family in OK. Hotspots The George Prime Steakhouse… Read more →


Best of Orange County 2014

Restaurants TACO MARIA, Costa Mesa Taco Maria is the kind of humble-yet-modern, “food first” kind of restaurant that made me fall in love with San Francisco when I moved there nearly 14 years ago — and I couldn’t find much of real quality in my old Orange County stomping grounds over the years. But times are finally changing in at… Read more →

Amarene (cherry) tart at Atti & Figli in Bologna

Wandering Traveler: 9 Places To Eat And Drink In Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region, From Bologna to Modena

“It [Italy] must be inhaled wholly, with the yielding of the whole heart… It is really something transcendent, both spirit and body.” – Margaret Fuller by Megan Marshall Article & Photos by Virginia Miller [This article was published in Food Republic on September 3, 2014] Parmigiano-Reggiano, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar — these staples of Italian cuisine all hail from the flat… Read more →