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OKC On the Rise: 8 Top Bars Now

Digging into the food scene in the city of my birth, Oklahoma City (article here), I now share my top OKC bars in a scene that keeps getting better each year. While you won’t find cutting edge cocktails/bars in this city, a couple of these spots (WKSY Lounge and O Bar) are competitive with great bars nationally, one (Power House) combines… Read more →


With its idyllic town square and romantic, Southern architecture and small town welcome, Oxford, Mississippi, is a worthy road trip stop for food and literature lovers like myself. Offerings are few but vibrant, even if for those of us who care little about sports the town is too dominated by the University of Mississippi and Ole Miss Rebels games. Despite… Read more →

DC: Top 7 Places to Eat Now

This article was first published here at Table8 where I am national editor. As I recently dug into Baltimore‘s burgeoning food scene (more on the city’s top cocktail bars this spring), I now explore the exciting scene that is D.C. dining right now. With Michelin arriving for the first time to the nation’s capitol in 2016 (for perspective, the venerable… Read more →