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Izakaya's A Trip to Bird Island

Top 10 Houston Bars

There is a vibrant range of quality bars in Houston (my top 10 Houston food recommends here), a city whose drink scene is on the rise, whether the cocktail bar that finally ushered in the cocktail renaissance here in 2009, Anvil, to the city’s strongest Italian amaro selection and cocktails at Coltivare. Some spots didn’t quite work for me: the… Read more →

Houndstooth's iced Coffee Juleps

6 Top Austin Coffee Shops

Last issue we talked Dallas and its many food and drink surprises these days… This issue I dig deep in Austin — food (restaurants, tacos, BBQ, ice cream) and cocktails/bars. All that intense research, part of a two week road trip across the state, means I required morning fuel for days of tasting and exploring. Here are the six Austin… Read more →

Fairytale Bar (below)

Top 10 Berlin Cocktail Bars

I wrote this article for Food Republic, originally published September 22, 2015. Here is the unedited article with an additional 5 bars at the end and also Berlin shops selling rare spirits. The article and all photos are by Virginia Miller. Not having been back to Berlin since 1999 when the city was flush with cranes, construction and raw energy,… Read more →

Amuse bouche finish at Tim Raue

My Top 10 Meals in Berlin

Though I drove briefly through Germany’s stunning Berchtesgaden region in the Bavarian Alps recently during a second and third return to Austria and Switzerland, when I spent 8 days this May in Berlin, I actually hadn’t been back to Germany since 1999. At that time, when I was backpacking around Europe for 3 months, Berlin was all cranes and construction… Read more →

Bitte! Coffee

Berlin Coffee & Cafes

As in so many of the world’s best cities these days, coffee has risen to an art form, whether influenced by the hot, flat white-driven coffee scene in Australia, or the decades-long history of superlative coffee on the US’ West Coast (Oregon, Washinton and California), whether pulling from Italian coffee drink perfection or Japanese equipment precision (Hario, siphon, etc.) Berlin… Read more →