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Top 5 Bay Area Dishes: March 2016

Per usual, I’ve been dining up a storm at many a newcomer, covered in my top openings and standout dishes of March. In addition, here are my five top tastes from three of SF’s best restaurants, one new bar menu and one pop-up dinner preview of an upcoming restaurant. 1. RICH TABLE’S FRIED CHICKEN MADELEINES Since opening in 2012, Evan… Read more →

Under the starry "skies" at brand new Pagan Idol

April 1, 2016

— Top 7 Cocktails of the Month: From a magical new Tiki bar to Indian-inspired cocktails — what is worth drinking now.
— 5 New Spirits: Tasting Polugar (“Russian bread wine”), pisco, cachaca, Irish whiskey and rum.
— My Top 3 Whiskies at Whiskies of the World 2016: From Scotch to whiskey blended and finished in Berkeley. Read more →

HPS' infused Polugars (photo source: hpsepicurean.com)

5 New Spirits: Polugar, Pisco, Cachaca, Irish Whiskey, Rum

Winter in California is a gorgeous affair, much like the rest of the year, with sunny, crisp days and nights interspersed with warm, summery waves. There are always nearby mountains when one craves snow for the weekend but winter leads into spring seamlessly and we drink refreshing cocktails as easily as spirituous drinks, thus all spirits flow year-round, from whiskey… Read more →

Capo's artichoke dip

March 15, 2016

This issue:

— 10 New February Openings: Which ones are most worth visiting… and why.
— Top 5 Bay Area Dishes, February Edition: Outside of new openings, here are the dishes wowing, from SF to Oakland.
— RN74 Revived: Why RN74’s new chef is breathing life into the longtime wine destination. Read more →

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Top 5 Bay Area Dishes: February 2016

Per usual, I’ve been dining up a storm at newcomers like Matador (tacos and tequila near Union Square), Cuban food in Oakland at Casa Cubana, French-inspired cuisine at Antoinette in the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley (from Dominique Crenn) or bagels at the new Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery. I’ve returned to established favorites, like vegan goodness at Nourish Cafe or… Read more →