Yamazaki's visitors tasting room

Visiting Suntory Yamazaki Distillery in Japan

For lovers of Japanese whisky — akin to and birthed from Scotch and Scotland but entirely Japanese in its sense of balance and harmony — Yamazaki is a special whisky. Privileged as I have been to taste many variations and special casks of Yamazaki over the years, including the acclaimed 1984 and Sherry Cask bottlings, and being the whisky that… Read more →

Lord Stanley's beef tartare (see Top Tastes)

July 1, 2015

This issue:

– Top 10 Dishes & Openings of the Month: Look for a new red sauce haven, red beet naan, lobster fricassee and a new hidden Japanese/sushi meal to rival the best in Japan.
– Top 6 Tokyo Meals: In one of the world’s best food cities, here just a few of the unreal glories (and 3 of the best meals of my life).
– Tofino Wines: The new wine bar/shop (with great bites and sherry selection) to make me rethink wine bars.
– Aspen Food & Wine Classic: Highlights from food to wine, parties and seminars to new products. Read more →

Saison 8-Virginia Miller

Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of June

Here are my top 10 June dishes and new openings, some newcomers, some established spots. 1. Saison’s Special Nigiri Menu Joshua Skenes’ Saison is known the world over for endless accolades and some of the priciest meals in the nation. Now, there is a restaurant-within-a-restaurant, a hidden dining room that is a collaboration between Skenes and Chef Jiro Lin. Lin… Read more →

Hanasanshou's impeccable sushi

Top 6 Tokyo Meals

Tokyo: not since Rome, my favorite international city outside the US, has a city captured me so wholly, immediately and fully. To arrive the first night was to plot, with the Renaissance Man, when we could return. Japan is a game changer, even for the seasoned traveler. More difficult and closed to outsiders — especially for a city with the… Read more →

Caviar goodness at Amber in Hong Kong

June 15, 2015

– Top 8 Cocktails of the Month: Sippable goodness, from garden-fresh rhubarb and celery to beer Negronis served in growlers.
– Top 10 Hong Kong Meals: Edible thrills in Hong Kong, from Michelin-starred dim sum to some of the best Spanish tapas and Japanese yakitori in the world.
– Hong Kong’s Thriving Coffee Scene: There is a wealth of vibrant coffee offerings in HK. Read more →

Lazy Bear's Quinine Cobbler

Top 8 Cocktails of the Month

From mid-May to mid-June, here are the standout cocktails and new menus I’ve been tasting around the Bay Area. 1 & 2. Lazy Bear’s Stalk Market & Young Blood Ticketed-only Lazy Bear is one of the most exciting restaurant openings of the past year, reaching its one year anniversary this September. It’s exciting to see how its cocktail menu has… Read more →

Hong Kong by ferry at night

10 Top Hong Kong Meals

Hong Kong is a fascinating city — one showcasing Chinese culture in a sophisticated, worldly way that often feels more international than it does expressly Chinese. It’s an easy city to get around in, both in terms language (English is widely spoken) and in navigation, from Hong Kong Island and Central to the short distance across the Bay to the… Read more →