Guard & Grace dessert

September 1, 2016

This Issue:
— SF: 3 Under-the-Radar Neighborhood Gems: From two cafes that turn into restaurants at night, to a fantastic Italian and pizza haven out towards the ocean, these are three neighborhood gems.
— 21 Cocktails To Drink Around the US Now: Links to my September features on 21 excellent cocktails around the country now.
— Where to Eat Now, Denver Edition: 5 of Denver’s best newer places to eat, covering modern Chinese food to vegetarian goodness.
— Where to Drink Now, Denver Edition: 5 of Denver’s best new watering holes. Read more →

Cassava's yellowtail in squid ink soubise

SF: 3 Under-the-Radar Neighborhood Gems

This article was first published here at Table8 where I am national editor. Neighborhood restaurants are the life blood of San Francisco, a city small in mileage but mighty in culinary influence and deep, international communities and cuisines. There are often those neighborhood gems that locals would rather everyone not know about. Places with a warm welcome, family-run, serving excellent… Read more →

Catahoula Hotel, New Orleans — a pisco beauty that is one of the best cocktails around the US now in September top cocktails

21 Top Cocktails Around the US Now

I continue to be busy covering cocktails and bars around the US at I recently interviewed bar manager great, Kevin Diedrich at Pacific Cocktail Haven (P.C.H.) on what he’s learned about opening your own bar. Covering the top 11 cocktails of the month around the US here, you’ll find my bar and drink recommends in San Francisco, Sonoma County,… Read more →

Hop Alley's Beijing duck roll

Where to Eat Now, Denver Edition

This article was first published here at Table8 where I am national editor. This year’s return to Denver brought more delights, whether a super cool food hall with downtown Denver views, Avanti Food & Beverage, or cold press juice fixes at Pressed Juice Daily. Despite my ever-extensive research to avoid it, there were a couple disappointments, from the uneven food… Read more →

Oyster pork tongue pot pie at brand new Black Cat (see "The Latest")

August 15, 2016

This issue:

— July’s Top 3 New SF Openings: There’s a live jazz supper club, an inspired order-at-the-counter but high quality, mid-range food concept and some pretty excellent neighborhood South Indian food.
— 6 Hardcore Sushi Experiences in SF: Six places that feel like you’ve escaped to Tokyo.
— The New Wine Bar… With Food: Four (mostly new) wine bars and wine shops that pour a good glass with a good bite. Read more →