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Lolo's playing card cocktail menu

3 New Cocktail Menus, Cocktail-ing in Alameda, St. George’s 3 New Spirits, Cold Press Juice

From my numerous articles a week as Zagat Editor, I summarize and link to some of this coverage here – you can follow along on Twitter @ZagatSF, where I post daily, or on my own @ThePerfectSpot via Twitter or Facebook. Cocktails LOLO’s artistic new PLAYING CARD COCKTAIL MENU NOPA’s two cocktail menus within a cocktail menu Cocktails on the new… Read more →

Photo Source: Ben Krantz

St. George Spirits Releases 3 New Spirits: Rum, Apple Brandy & Whiskey

Article by Virginia Miller [ran in Zagat SF on September 3, 2014] We love our St. George Spirits. From the rock and roll attitude of their tasting room and tours in a WWII hangar housing their Alameda distillery (reservations for tours and tastings here) to their fantastic gins, brandies, whiskies, rum, absinthe, coffee liqueur and eaux de vie, they’ve been… Read more →

Payet Pisco Torontel

3 Notable New Piscos

One of my most unforgettable international distilling adventures was exploring — and even being part of — pisco production and blending in Peru with Encanto Pisco. I had already loved the spirit for years but fell even more in love after those travels. There are not a slew of pisco releases/imports in a year as there may be with other… Read more →

Westland First Peated-Virginia Miller

7 Washington Craft Spirits You Should Know

Article and Photos (unless otherwise noted) by Virginia Miller Three Seattle visits in the past seven months centered around craft distillery and cocktail bar research means a few spirits have stood out among the dozens I’ve tasted from Washington state, most launched in recent years. Here are my top seven from the glut of craft distillers hitting the Washington market:… Read more →

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Why You Need to Try Real Schnaps

Whatever association you have with the word Schnapps, or Schnaps, as it is known in Germanic countries (the word means “swallow”), it likely isn’t good. Sour apple, pucker, fruit flavors… you might think of cheap, sugary liqueurs in unnatural colors. But this, my friends, is not real schnaps. In Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the French region of Alsace, schnaps, edelbrande or… Read more →

(photo source: drinkverbena.com)

Bay Area Bottled Brandy-Fruit Infusions

San Francisco Bartender Bret Sylvester has done the somewhat impossible: created a line of fruit-infused brandies to please the spirits and non-spirits drinker alike. I recently tested out his sparkling line on visiting family and friends. My wine drinking and even some generally teetotaling family members all loved Drink Verbena, while I and other spirits drinkers found the line complex… Read more →

Picking pisco grapes in the vineyards of Ica, Peru (see "Wandering Traveler")

Making Pisco in PERU

San Francisco has a rich pisco history and a long love affair with the evocative, clear grape brandy of Peru and Chile. Being the first US city where pisco was popularized in the 1800’s, it’s no surprise that San Francisco has seen a few pisco-heavy bars open over the past decade (Pisco Latin Lounge, Cantina, La Mar Cebicheria, etc…), just… Read more →

Photo: Virginia Miller

4 SPIRITS YOU DON’T KNOW… But Should: Pommeau, Gin, Ratafia, Sherry

CHRISTIAN DROUIN Pommeau de Normandie If you love spirits and apples, then Calvados is your is your ideal imbibement. The elegant French version of apple brandy grown in the Calvados region of France, the apple brandy is often rounded out by pears, and in the case of Calvados Christian Drouin, one of the world’s best-selling small Calvados producers (around 150,000… Read more →