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Charleston Bars & Island Explorations

We’re back to enchanting Charleston for island eats and drinks with a view. CHARLESTON BARS VENDUE INN: A casual rooftop bar atop a charming, historic Inn. On a warm day, feels like a margaritas (regular or watermelon) and beer rooftop party: casual, relaxed, breezy. PAVILION BAR: On the Market Pavilion Hotel sits this romantic rooftop bar… ideal for taking in the sunset… Read more →

Hominy Grill

Dining in Charleston

“Even without canals, Charleston is the Venice of America. It’s an incredibly beautiful city on the sea, perfectly preserved, a living museum, but not at all Disneyfied like Colonial Williamsburg.” – William Stadiem, “Everybody Eats There” What a shock to come through the drab drive across South Carolina and Charleston’s seedy outskirts to find a city so pristine, museum-like. It’s… Read more →