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Welcome to Paradise: How Key Cognac Houses Differentiate

This article was first published at Tasting Panel Magazine in January 2016. All photos and the article by Virginia Miller.  The romance and history of Cognac is unparalleled. As one who has visited distilleries from Japan to Scotland, Oaxaca to Bassano del Grappa, I thought I’d seen it all. True: the rolling vineyards of Cognac more than slightly recall my… Read more →

The Face of Bordeaux’s Wines: Meeting Winemakers Around the Region

The Face of Bordeaux Photos & article by Virginia Miller Watch out: Bordeaux will surprise you. Many wine industry friends and sommeliers I talk to think of Bordeaux wines as pricey, out of reach, inaccessible…. or as some of the best in the world. Visiting numerous winemakers throughout the region during their recent harvest, I was surprised by the number… Read more →