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On the Road in Kentucky Visiting Bardstown, Frankfort & Lexington Distillers

Recently catching up on new restaurants, bars, and breakfast spots in Louisville during my second visit in two years, I also trekked to eight distilleries from Bardstown to Lexington, a mixture of “the big guys” (Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace) alongside small batch, craft distillers, including Kentucky Bourbon Distillers/Willet, Limestone Branch, Town Branch, and Barrel House Distilling Co. Here’s a photo journey through my two days… Read more →

The gorgeous entrance to St. Charles Exchange recalls New Orleans and Savannah

4 Dining & Cocktail Favorites in Louisville

Bourbon. Baseball. Bluegrass. The Derby. These all immediately come to mind when thinking of Kentucky. After my return visit this snowy, grey March, I also think of rolling hills in the historic town of Bardstown – home of Stephen Foster, of burgeoning, small distilleries popping up all over the countryside, of bluegrass families singing around the Galt House for the Itchin’… Read more →

Fried shrimp po boys in coconut sauce at Rick's White Light Diner

The Charming KY Town of Frankfort + Breakfast-ing in Louisville

Back again in Bourbon Country, catching up on new restaurants and bars since my visit one year before. While visiting eight distilleries from Bardstown to Lexington, I particularly enjoyed a lunch in the historic town of Frankfort (home to Buffalo Trace Distillery) and fueled up on breakfast and coffee in Louisville before long days of spirits judging/tasting. RICK’S WHITE LIGHT… Read more →

Sipping teas at Hillbilly Tea

Louisville Adventures in Beer, Tea, Cocktails, Coffee, Whiskey, Chocolate & Food

Kentucky: land of bourbon, the Derby and Mint Juleps. I’m ever delighted to return to the South, even as I’m connected to some areas more than others (ah, New Orleans, my love). I recently spent a week in Louisville, on the judging panel for ADI’s (American Distilling Institute) annual awards. It was an honor to judge with key spirits and… Read more →