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Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of June

Here are my top 10 June dishes and new openings, some newcomers, some established spots. 1. Saison’s Special Nigiri Menu Joshua Skenes’ Saison is known the world over for endless accolades and some of the priciest meals in the nation. Now, there is a restaurant-within-a-restaurant, a hidden dining room that is a collaboration between Skenes and Chef Jiro Lin. Lin… Read more →

Top 10 Dishes & New Openings of May

Here are my top 10 dishes for May, from new openings and established spots. 1. Montesacro’s Margherita Pinsa Open in April, the new Montesacro is like a quick flight to Italy, transported to Rome itself from the moment one walks through the door off of rough-and-tumble Stevenson Street and is greeted by the Italian owner and staff. As I detail… Read more →

Get Thee to Oakland for Fried Pizza, Amaro & Wine at A16 Rockridge

There’s only a few places in the country where one can find fried Neapolitan pizza, a twist on Italy’s perfect pies. There’s Forcella and La Montanara in NYC, and now A16 Rockridge. Even in Naples, there are few restaurants making this style of pizza. The owners of A16, included Wine Director/Sommelier Shelley Lindgren, fell in love with fried pizza in… Read more →

CAPO’S: Deep Dish Better Than in Chicago?

Capo’s, 641 Vallejo Street, 415.986.8998, cash only Tony’s Pizza Napoletana reigns for my best all-around pizza experience because of its range of impeccable pies, from New York to Neapolitan. I’m no stranger to these categories, consuming countless pizzas in my many travels in Italy and years living in a New Jersey suburb of NYC – not to mention living in… Read more →

Pizza Pie: The Latest Pies in Town

San Francisco is a pizza town. We’re obsessed with our pies, particularly the Neapolitan kind. Getting into favorites is a tricky subject as one has to dig through a sea of styles: Neapolitan, NY slice, Chicago deep dish, California creative, and so on, to begin to categorize “bests.” We won’t list all-time favorites now, but scouring joints new and old… Read more →

(Uniquely) Communal Dining

Incredible burgers in a bowling alley, SF’s deaf community gathering over Neopolitan pizzas, brothers serving food from their hometown of Nice in a tiny restaurant, dining around a U-shaped counter off a FiDi alley… each of these restaurants opened within the last 6 months providing a unique communal experience (and most importantly, fine food to go with) that makes one… Read more →