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The most beautiful place on earth? (see Wandering Traveler)

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth, The Bernese Oberland

Having been to dozens of countries – some many times over – there is one spot in particular that is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in five continents: The Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, marked by the dramatic Jungfrau mountain range. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that despite being an ocean and a city girl who seeks out places for… Read more →

The beauty of Zurich (see "Wandering Traveler")

24 Hours in ZURICH

Zurich is an underrated city. Though not as romantic as many European cities, the Old Town section is rife with gorgeous historic buildings, winding cobblestone streets lined with chic boutiques, flanking both sides of the Limmat River on the northwest tip of Lake Zurich. It’s a scenic, walkable setting. Having been to most of Switzerland’s cities from Geneva to Lucerne,… Read more →


Dining in Lucerne, Montreaux & Murren, SWITZERLAND

Dining pleasures are boundless in this stunning country… cheese and chocolate may be the items that come to the uninformed mind, but if you dine at a noteworthy restaurant in most Swiss cities or villages, you’ll also experience savory meats, the freshest of lake fish, generous vegetables, and always… clean, fresh cooking. LUCERNE After two visits, Lucerne remains my favorite… Read more →


Edible Switzerland – In Gimmelwald, Gruyeres, Lausanne, Lucerne & Montreaux

Switzerland is incomparably glorious land and after a second visit, I only want more.  What surprises is that the food, hardly noticed next to reigning European cuisines, French and Italian, holds such fresh, satisfying foods well beyond the cheese and chocolate they are rightly known for.  I was amazed by fresh seafood, rich desserts… better food than I had expected… Read more →